Oversized Coat

AKA: Cocoon Coat

How to say it: as it looks

Traditional Features: 

Although it doesn’t have a specific style, the Oversized Coat often resembles an extra large, mens blazer like the one below.


  • dropped shoulder
  • gigantic lapels
  • extra long cuffs
  • very loose through the body
  • large buttons


…of the style: The first instance of an oversized coat in the fashion world was in 1957 – it was designed by Cristobal Balenciaga and was called the Cocoon Coat. It was very roomy through the body, had long, dropped shoulders and large buttons.

The oversized trend then came back again in the 70s and 80s – the garments had more of a menswear feel, and the reincarnation of the cocoon coat was renamed ‘The Big Coat’. In 2006 Nicholas Ghesquiere (for Balenciaga) presented his own interpretation of the original Cocoon Coat, and then in 2013 the fashion world really jumped on the Oversized trend and big coats ruled the runways. From Stella McCartney to Celine to French Connection to Thakoon, oversized lapels, giant cuffs, big sleeves and dropped shoulders were everywhere.

…of the name: The coat is called Oversized because it is oversized.

Check out the Retail Insider for info on the Oversized trend.

21st Century Oversized Coats

Not every oversized coat will have all the features, but you can certainly tell an Oversized Coat when you see one.

Diane von Furstenberg Isabel Marant Stella McCartney Thakoon

Top Row – Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Marant

Bottom Row – Stella McCartney, Thakoon


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