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  • basically, as long as the fabric used to make the jacket is quilted, it is a quilted jacket


…of the style: Quilting is the process of stitching one piece of fabric to another, often with padding in the middle, to create a thicker, warmer fabric. The quilting of garments has been going on since at least the 12th century when quilted garments were worn under suits of armour to protect the wearer from chaffing and to keep them warm on the battle field.

Despite having been around for centuries, the quilted jacket as we know it did not come into being until 1965, when a quilted shooting jacket was invented by Steve and Edna Guylas for their brand Husky, in England. The jacket quickly became popular with Steve’s club buddies, and then the Queen started wearing one. Once Her Majesty had donned the olive green jacket, celebrities in the UK and Europe followed suit, and the trend filtered down to the general public, becoming particularly popular with the Sloane Rangers in London.

The brand Lavenham produced a similar style jacket in 1972 made to be worn while horse riding and made from nylon horse blankets.

While the shooting/hunting/horse riding crowd have consistently had a need for the jackets, the emerging trends of austerity and the return to country living in the fashion world brought the quilted jacket firmly into the world of mainstream fashion in the early 2000s and it has remained a staple since then – particularly in colder climates.

…of the name: It is called a quilted jacket because it is made from quilted fabric.

For a more in depth history of Quilted Jackets, try The Gentlemans GazetteThe Urban Squire, and Lavenham.

21st Century Quilted Jackets

While they were traditionally made in olive green and navy, these days quilted jackets come is all shapes and colours, but they all have the comfy warmth of the original design.

barbour BELSTAFF_011_1366.450x675 Jack Wills Just_Cavalli_007_1366.450x675

Top Row – Barbour, Belstaff

Bottom Row – Jack Wills, Just Cavalli


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