Zhivago Coat

AKA: Russian Revolution style

How to say it: zhi-vah-go

Traditional Features: 


  • mid-calf length
  • trimmed at neck, cuffs and hem with fur
  • frog closures


…of the style: The coat is inspired by the costumes from the film Dr. Zhivago. The film released in 1965 is an adaption of the 1957 book of the same name by Boris Pasternak  about the Russian Revolution in 1917. The costumes were designed by Phyllis Dalton and inspired the ‘Zhivago look’ in the fashion world. Designers from Christian Dior to Chanel to Yves Saint Lauren have used the Russian Revolution and the Zhivago look to inspire their runway collections from as early as 1966 and while it is not a look that is always around, it has had a recent resurgence thanks to the film Anna Karenina and the lavish costumes involved in the film.

…of the name: The look was inspired by the film Dr Zhivago, hence the name.

For more information about Dr Zhivago and the coat it inspired check luxecrush, classic, the telegraph, and the Fairchild’s Dictionary of Fashion.

21st Century Zhivago Coats

Fur trimmed and fabulous, the Zhivago comes and goes, but never fully disappears.

chanel Costume National kenzo Vanessa Bruno

Top Row – Chanel, Costume National

Bottom Row – Kenzo, Vanessa Bruno


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