Boyfriend Jeans


How to say it: as it looks

Traditional Features: 

body template

  • loose/semi-fitted through the body
  • rolled up at the cuffs
  • masculine styling
  • rips, distressing or worn patches


…of the style: For centuries men have been taught to lend a jacket or coat to a lady who may find herself chilled by the evening breeze and such. Perhaps somewhere along the way said ladies realised that men’s clothes are actually quite comfortable. Maybe that’s where the term ‘boyfriend dressing’ came from.

Maybe it comes from girls wearing their boyfriends Letterman jackets to signify that they were dating back in the day. Maybe it was a woman’s urge to prove that she is as good as any man in the workplace in the 1980s (see the ‘Linebacker’ suits). There are many theories as to how women came to wear men’s clothing, either way it has been happening for a while.

Who knows how long ladies have been stealing their man’s jeans and wearing them, but it became acceptable to wear them outside the house thanks to Katie Holmes in 2008, when she strutted through the streets of NYC in Tom Cruise’s faded blue jeans. Once fellow fashionistas Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson and SJP got on board, it wasn’t long before the high street brands got on board.

Nowadays the Boyfriend Jean is more than just a pair of men’s jeans rolled up at the cuffs. Brands have taken the best features of the style and adapted it for a woman’s figure. Slightly less baggy but no less comfortable, the Boyfriend Jean has become flattering and chic.

…of the name: The name comes from women appropriating their boyfriends clothing.

For more info on the Boyfriend Jean check out WiseGeek, Wikipedia, or softpedia

21st Century Boyfriend Jeans

In various shades, lengths and amounts of bagginess, and distressed in all the right ways – everyone has jumped on the Boyfriend Jean bandwagon. Find the one that speaks to you and rejoice in the comfort and coolness.

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True Religion, Victoria Beckham


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