Nantucket Reds

AKA: These pants are an original, they only have one name

How to say it: say it like the place

Traditional Features: 

Nantucket Reds come in a couple of different styles these days so the illustration below is of the basic ladies pant.

body template

  • traditionally made from red sail cloth
  • highish waist
  • straight cut through the legs
  • full length
  • flat front
  • diagonal hip pockets
  • relaxed fit


…of the style: The Nantucket Reds are red pants that once worn in fade to a distinctive salmon pink. Produced and distributed by Murrays’s Toggery Shop on High Street, Nantucket, the pants have become the signature style of the island and are particularly favoured by those who dress in the Prep style.

Originally made from red sailcloth by M. Hoffman of Boston (no longer in operation) and sold by the Toggery Shop, the pants were apparently inspired by cotton pants worn in Brittany. The red sailcloth was a very stiff and long-lasting fabric that faded and softened with washing and wear and soon became a summer staple for the residents of Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod, worn in place of Chinos or Khakis.

Nantucket Reds got shot into the wider fashion consciousness when they were included in the Official Preppy Handbook in 1980 and are now the go-to pants for Preps, yuppies and WASPs across America in the summer months.

The Murrays of Murray’s Toggery Shop have since expanded the collection of Nantucket Reds to include a women’s range, shorts, shirts, hats etc, but the pants will always be THE Nantucket Reds.

…of the name: The name was coined by Phillip C. Murray who took over the Toggery Shop in the early 50s after his father (Phillip Murray) passed.

For more info on Nantucket Reds try Murray’s Toggery Shop, Wikipedia, or Ivy Style.

21st Century Nantucket Reds

There in only one place that makes and sells Nantucket Reds – Murray’s Toggery Shop. And if they aren’t from that one store, they aren’t the real thing. Murray’s sells a range of women’s and men’s Reds, here are a couple of options…

lorisemain_large women_pants_ff_large

Ladies Poplin low-rise Reds, Ladies Classic flat-front Reds

poplin capri canvas capri

Ladies Poplin Capri Reds, Ladies Canvas Capri Reds


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