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  • as long as the pants are made of quilted fabric, they are quilted pants


…of the style: Quilting is the process of stitching one piece of fabric to another, often with padding in the middle, to create a thicker, warmer fabric. The quilting of garments has been going on since at least the 12th century when quilted garments were worn under suits of armour to protect the wearer from chaffing and to keep them warm on the battle field. Ancient Egyptians statues also show people wearing possibly quilted fabrics.

As far as quilted pants go, there are records of the Knickerbocker Baseball Club wearing quilted woollen pants in the mid 1840s as part of their uniform, and soldiers in the Falklands war, and other cold climate campaigns, wore quilted uniforms for warmth; but in terms of a fashion garment there isn’t really a lot to go on.

I couldn’t find a definitive date on when the quilted pant made its fashion debut, but I found images from as far back as the 1980s, so the style is at least that old. On the whole quilted pants to seem to be more popular in men’s wear, but they do make a regular appearance on the women’s wear catwalk, primarily in the Fall collections.

…of the name: The pants are quilted, so they are called quilted pants.

For more info on Quilting or Trousergate try FT.com, Juls Quilted Treasures or Wikipedia

Random Facts

  • Quilted pants made news in 2009 when Giorgio Armani accused Dolce and Gabbana of copying a pair quilted pants he had shown on the catwalk the year before. The event was called ‘trousergate’ by fashion journalists.

21st Century Quilted Pants

Fully or partially quilted, for added warmth or just for show, the quilted pant may come in many guises, but come it does every other Fall season.

3.1 Phillip Lim asos

3.1 Phillips Lim, ASOS

rag and bone christopher raeburn

Rag & Bone, Christopher Raeburn


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