X-Ray Pants

So I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I needed something for the X post.

AKA: They are a one of a kind

How to say it: as it looks




…of the style: These particular tights are from Nike and are a work-out/running pant. They are made from Dri-FIT fabric which is part cotton, part polyester and part spandex, with a wide waist band for comfort.

The print is exclusive to Nike and shows all the bones in the lower half of a woman’s body.

I am sure other brands have done a version of this tight (particularly for the odd skeleton costume) but this the most current one I could find on the market, although a quick check on the Nike site shows that they are now all sold out.

…of the name: The print on the tights is of an X-Ray, hence the name

For more info on the X-Ray tights try the Nike Website

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