Yoga Pants

AKA: they have no other name

How to say it: as it looks

Traditional Features: 

body template

  • tight-fitting through the leg
  • wide, folded over waistband
  • comes in various leg shapes and length, but full-length, boot-cut is most common
  • made from cotton-spandex or polyester-spandex


…of the style: Yoga pants are pants that are worn whilst practicing yoga. Some sources say that yoga pants date back to Iranian horse riders in the 6th century but I am not sure how true this claim is given that stretch fabric wasn’t invented until the 1960s.

It seems more likely that yoga pants came into being some time after yoga was introduced to the west, probably sometime in the 1980s when yoga became a popular choice for physical activity. The yoga pant is essentially a combination of a pair of leggings made from thicker fabric so that they can be worn on their own, a comfortable cut, and really good marketing.

The pant is designed to fit snuggly to the body whilst allowing a full range of movement so that the wearer can perform their poses in comfort. Whilst originally created for the yoga exercise craze, the comfort of the yoga pant has seen it spread beyond the realms of Downward Dogs and Child Poses, as women have begun to wear the yoga pant as a casual pant in its own right. This move has caused quite a bit of debate as to whether or not the yoga pant is appropriate street wear due to it form-fitting design – not surpassingly many of the people lending their support to the trend are men.

…of the name: The pants were created for the practice of Yoga, hence the name.

For more info on Yoga pants try Wikipedia, WiseGeek or HeyKiki.

Random Facts

  • The yoga pant has been much in the press of late thanks to a certain company and the fabric quality of the pants they were selling and the attitude of the companies CEO when it comes to the women who wear their product. To read more about these incidents click here and here.

21st Century Yoga Pants

There is no doubt the yoga pants are comfortable, but I’m not sure if I agree if they are street wear. However, if that is the look you’re going for, there are loads of options out there.

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Athleta, Lucy Activewear

victorias secret prana

Victoria’s Secret, Prana


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