Ascot Collar

For March I am going to look into collars and necklines. Finding one that starts with A was surprisingly hard, but I found one…

AKA: stock collar

How to say it: like the horse race

Traditional Features: 

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Traditional Ascot Collar

  • tall stand
  • points that reach up to the chin

Modern Ascot Collar

  • Short stand
  • extended sides that are tied into a knot to resemble an Ascot necktie


…of the style: I struggled to find actual information regarding the history of the Ascot collar, but I assume it emerged around the same time as the Ascot necktie became popular, which was in the late 19th century. The Ascot tie is a version of a cravat that was worn during the day as part of the ‘morning dress’ worn by Regency gentlemen. Beau Brummel was a particular fan of the Ascot, as was King Edward VII and both helped make the style popular with men of the era.

The Ascot collar was likely worn as part of the morning dress ensemble and featured a very tall stand and two points that extend up over the chin.

Modern fashion writers have also given the name ‘Ascot Collar’ to styles that feature a short stand and two lengths that are tied together in a knot to resemble the look of the Ascot necktie. I don’t know when this started but it is now quite common in modern fashion.

…of the name: Again, I couldn’t find anything about the origins of the name of the collar, but I assume it stemmed from the fact that it was designed to be worn with an Ascot necktie.

For more info on Ascots try Wikipedia, Ceravelo, or WiseGeek

Random Facts

  • The Ascot necktie is still the required dress code for the Royal Enclosure at the Ascot Racecourse

21st Century Ascot Collars

The traditional Ascot collar is not super popular in fashion at the moment and they only really seem to feature when a designer is taking inspiration from the Regency or Edwardian eras. I managed to find a few current versions, but there aren’t many out there. As for the modern Ascot collar, this style is much more popular, particularly for office wear as it is both smart and feminine but is a bit edgier than a pussy bow (more on that later this month).

motonari ono 2 motonari ono

Traditional Ascot collars: Motonari Ono, Motonari Ono

Jean Paul Gaultier jason wu

Modern tied Ascot collars: Jean Paul Gaultier, Jason Wu


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