Eton Collar


How to say it: Eaten collar

Traditional Features: 

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  • a wide, stiff turnover collar with stand
  • rounded corners
  • traditionally buttoned
  • approximately 2.5 inches point length
  • traditionally white


…of the style: The style began as part of the uniform for the students of Eton College in the early 19th century. They were traditionally stiff, white, detachable collars that were worn with the Eton Jacket. The style became popular in society and was soon being worn by most upper/middle class boys, regardless of whether they attended Eton or not.

By the 1870s the formal look of the Eton collar has crossed the pond to America and the stiff style remained popular until softer, smaller collars increased in popularity in the 1920s. After WWII the style more or less died as a fashion statement and the the Peter Pan collar took over in popularity as it had a similar shape to the Eton but was softer and narrower, and therefore more comfortable to wear. Despite its unfashionable status many schools kept the Eton collar as part of their uniform for many years, including Eton College where students are still required to wear the collar.

Nowadays the Eton collar does exist but is not very popular outside of costume parties or very traditional, formal events due to the stiffness and width of the style. Women have worn the collar in the past, but again the style has fallen out of favour in modern times. However, a softer, round-cornered turn-down collar reminiscent of the Eton, is a popular collar style in modern women’s fashion so the look has not (and probably will not) disappear completely.

…of the name: The Eton collar is named so because it was originally worn as part of the uniform for Eton College in the UK.

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21st Century Eton Collars

The Eton collar isn’t really called that in women’s wear these days, but rounded, turnover collars that mirror the Eton style abound in the fashion marketplace.

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