Funnel Neck

AKA: polo neck, skivvy, mock turtleneck

How to say it: as it looks

Traditional Features: 


  • rises above the natural neckline
  • similar to a turtleneck but wider
  • ‘grows’ out the garment rather than being sewn on
  • often gets wider the higher the collar goes so that it is shaped like a funnel


…of the style: The term funnel neck collar is often used interchangeably with the term turtleneck but they are not the same thing. While the look of the two styles is similar, the biggest difference is that the funnel neck is grown on – it is not made from separate pattern pieces and sewn on like a turtleneck, but rather is an extension of the garment and rises above the neckline without a seam. The funnel neck is also wider than a turtleneck and often gets wider as it rises so that the shape resembles a funnel and it sits looser on the wearer.

I couldn’t determine exactly when the funnel neck collar was invented, but the style was particularly popular in the 1960s when Futurism was a big fashion trend. The funnel necklines were tall and stiff and often combined with mini skirts to balance out the look. The Futuristic funnel collars were quite extreme and not everyone could pull it off, so Nehru collars (check out the post on this style later this month) and wider, looser funnel neck styles were adopted by the women on the street.

Since then the style has come in and out of style, but regardless of whether the funnel neck is present on the catwalks, the collar will always be a go-to for coat and sweater designers due to its loose, comfortable, classic styling and its flexibility in design.

…of the name: The collar often increases in width as it moves away from the neckline and creates a funnel-like shape.

For more info on Funnel Collars try wiseGeek, here, PopSugar or check out A Dictionary of Costume and Fashion.

21st Century Funnel Neck Collars

A particular favourite for coats and sweaters, the funnel neck collar is the unsung staple of the Winter fashion landscape.

zimmermannburberry brit

Zimmermann, Burberry Brit

love moschino madewell

love Moschino, Madewell


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