Imperial Collar

AKA: poke collar

How to say it: as it looks

Traditional Features: 


  • stand collar
  • stiff
  • very tall
  • no tabs at the front
  • front edges sloping apart


…of the style: The Imperial collar was a popular style of detachable collar in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods. It was a tall, stiff collar without wings and could be quite uncomfortable to wear due to its height and this may be the reason that it was only worn for special occasions. Much like the other detachable collar styles, the Imperial collar fell out of popularity with the introduction of the softer, shorted, more comfortable turn-down collar.

The style has not been worn in any kind of numbers since the Edwardian period, but if a gentleman really wants one they are still available at traditional clothiers and online.

The Imperial collar was never an option for the Edwardian lady, but the style of the high, straight collar often graces the catwalk, particularly when the designer is channeling certain time periods.

…of the name: The collar was popular during the Imperial era in England, I am guessing that is why it is called the Imperial collar, although I have nothing to back that up.

I couldn’t find a lot of information regarding the Imperial Collar other than what it looked like, but what I did find is here, here and here.

21st Century Imperial Collars

The Imperial collar has never really been a style for women and even modern designers haven’t picked it up. The closest you will find in the marketplace is a tall stand or band collar like the ones below…

adam lippes alexander mcqueen

Adam Lippes, Alexander McQueen

gucci Julian Louie

Gucci, Julian Louie


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