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Just a quick note on this post – I struggled with finding any history behind the Queen Anne collar other than it was named after a Queen called Anne. As such I did the best I could and have written what I think is the correct information. It might not be, so take this post with a grain of salt.


How to say it: 

Traditional Features: 


  • high at the back and sides
  • opens in the front over the bust, often a sweetheart shape, but not always


…of the style: The Queen Anne collar is quite obviously named after a Queen called Anne. However none of the sources  I found actually said which Queen Anne it was, and there are plenty. At first I thought it might have been the infamous Anne Boleyn, but after searching through a lot of historical images I have come to the conclusion that the collar was probably named after Anne of Denmark, Queen consort of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1589 – 1619 and wife of James IV and I.

Anne was a Danish princess who married James VI of Scotland in 1589 at the young age of 14 and became the Queen Consort of Scotland. With the combination of the English and Scottish crowns in 1601, her husband became James the I of England and Ireland and she added them to her title as well. Anne bore 3 children who survived infancy, one of whom became Charles the I, and remained the Queen Consort until she died in 1619.

Queen Anne apparently wore this style of collar during her reign and popularised it amongst the masses. Many of her portraits show her wearing the collar which stands high on the back and sides with an opening of varying sizes and shapes over the bust. This style is quite clearly the ancestor of modern Queen Anne collar which is popular in evening gowns and wedding dresses, although the modern collar is not as extreme as the 16th century version.

…of the name: The collar is named for Queen Anne (Anne of Denmark, I think) who popularised the style during her reign as Queen Consort of Scotland and then later England and Ireland from 1589 – 1619.

Again, there is not a lot of information regarding the origins of the Queen Anne collar out there, just a bunch of descriptions and no history. But if you want to learn more about Anne of Denmark check out Wikipedia or type Anne of Denmark into your favourite image search engine to see the images of her in her namesake collar.

Random Facts

  • many royal brides have worn a Queen Anne collar on their big day, include Duchess Katherine of Cambridge (Kate Middleton), Princess Margaret of Kent, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco and Queen Rania of Jordan

21st Century Queen Anne Collars

The modern Queen Anne collar is a much more subdued and conservative affair than its royal predecessors, and seems to be almost solely the realm of bridal and evening gowns.

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Akris, Catherine Deane

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Monique Lhuillier, Christos


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