Revere Collar

AKA: rever collar, revered collar

How to say it: ree-ver

Traditional Features: 

body template

  • shirt-style collar sits flat on the torso
  • lapel-like revers below the neckline
  • v-neck finish


…of the style: I couldn’t find any definite answer as to when the revere collar was invented or by whom, but I did find mention of revers in the history books as far back as the 16th century. The term rever refers to the lapel like part of the collar that is turned back to show the lining or facing and is often made in a contrasting colour or print. The term apparently came into common use in the 1860 and was often used to describe the lapels on coats.

In modern fashion, the a revere collar is most commonly seen on women’s button-down blouses and shirts (especially uniforms) – the buttons finish a few inches below the neckline and the excess fabric of the placket is folded back to create the revers and a v-shaped neckline. The length and width of the revers can vary depending on the style.

While the term itself isn’t used a lot, the revere collar is still very popular, particularly in work wear and smart casual styles as the v-neck shape created by the revers adds a touch of femininity to the conservative look of a button-down shirt.

…of the name: Rever is a corruption of the word reverse.

For more info on Revere collars and revers try Wikipedia, here or check out A Dictionary of Costume and Fashion

21st Century Revere Collar

While the name may not always be applied in the fashion marketplace, the revere collar is alive and well and as popular as ever.

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