Sweetheart Neckline

AKA: there are no other names for this classic

How to say it: 

Traditional Features: 


  • heart-shaped neckline that hugs the top of the bust with a dip in the middle
  • can be with or without straps


…of the style: It is unsure who was the real inventor of the sweetheart neckline. Some sources say that it originated in Renaissance Italy, others name the ladies in the court of Isabella in 15th century as the first to wear the style, and a third party claims it is the work of 18th century French designers.

Regardless of whom or where the style came from, the sweetheart neckline has been around for a long time and is very popular due to its flattering shape and feminine styling. The neckline was introduced into modern fashion in the 1930s and was most often used in evening dresses and bridal gowns. The style remained in favour through the 1940s and had a burst of popularity in the 1960s when it crossed over into more casual looks including tops and swimwear.

In the 21st century the sweetheart neckline is as popular as ever and can be found on  dresses, tops, blouses, and swimwear, both casual and formal, strappy or strapless and in all levels of the marketplace

…of the name: I couldn’t find any documentation stating where the name ‘Sweetheart’ came from, but I assume it has a connection to the heart-shaped finish of the style.

For more info on Sweetheart necklines try wiseGeek, here, here or check out the Fairchild’s Dictionary of Fashion


21st Century Sweetheart Necklines

The sweetheart neckline is a fashion favourite and always will be. Enough said.

ASOS badgley mishka

ASOS, Badgley Mischka

prabal gurung La blanca swim

Prabal Gurung, La Blanca Swim


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