X or The Anatomy of the Collar

Once again I have been beaten by the letter X. So instead I thought I would explain all the different bits of a collar since I have been dropping the names all month – better late than never right!

Anatomy of the Collar


Parts of a collar:

  • stand – a band of varying height that fits closely around the neck and to which the collar can be attached.
  • roll line/fold line – where a folding collar folds over on itself
  • fall – the distance between the fold line and the edge of the collar
  • spread – the distance between the collar points
  • collar points – the tips at the front of the collar. Can be pointed or rounded
  • lapel/rever – grown-on pieces of the garment that attach to the collar and fold back, showing the facing of the garment and creating a more open neckline
  • notch – the space created when lapels attach to a collar
  • break line – where the fold on the lapels naturally occurs. The position of the break line is often determined by the closure point on the garment

There are 3 main types of collar:

armani collezioni
Armani Collezioni

The Stand Collar

Consists of just the stand and sits up on the neckline.E.g. The Mandarin Collar

3.1 Phillip Lim
3.1 Phillip Lim

The Folding Collar

The collar is designed to fold or roll over from the neckline. Also called a Shirt Collar.      E.g. The Eton Collar


The Flat Collar

Has no stand and sits flat on the body. e.g. The Peter Pan Collar

While you can break the categories down a bit more, all collars, past and present, fit into these three categories.

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