How to say it: as it looks

Traditional Features: 

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  • soft, folding collar
  • usually made in a knit fabric
  • small v-neck opening
  • 2 button placket extending from the bottom of the V


…of the style: I have absolutely no idea where this style came from – the only mention I found was on Wikipedia and even then it was just a description. There was nothing in any of the books I checked, nor anything else on the internet.

Having said that, several workwear websites include the term in their garment descriptions, so it must be a real thing. The style is very similar to the Lacoste or Polo collar, but rather than buttoning right up to the neck, the style opens out into a small V, with a short placket and 2 buttons extending from the bottom of the V.

The Y-Collar doesn’t seem to exist much on the on the fashion landscape, but is a popular style for casual uniforms and workwear.

…of the name: The neckline on the collar looks like a Y, hence the name.

The only information I could find on this style was the description here – go right to the bottom in the table of styles.

21st Century Y-Collars

Definitely not a fashion collar (at the moment anyway), the Y-collar seems to be restricted to casual workwear uniforms that opt for the comfortable polo shirt look.

Devon and Jones uniqlo

Devon & Jones, UNIQLO

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