Quilted Top


How to say it:  kwil-tid

Traditional Features: 

Quilted Top


  • a top of any shape made from quilted fabric


…of the style: Quilted fabric is created by stitching one piece of fabric to another, often with padding in the middle, to create a thicker, warmer fabric; Ancient Egyptians statues from about 3400 BC show people wearing possibly quilted fabrics, so the process has been around for a long time. Evidence of quilted fabric doesn’t really appear again in Europe until the Middle Ages; 12th century men wore quilted clothing under their suits of armour to protect themselves from chaffing and to keep them warm on the battle field. These garments evolved into the fashionable doublet jacket which was worn by men in Europe from the 14th – 17th centuries.

Women also used quilted fabrics in their clothing for added warm, and there are examples of quilted bodices from as early as the 1500s, as well as quilted jackets, skirts and waistcoats from the rest of the Middles ages.

As for the quilted top, as a garment worn on its own, it seems to be more a modern development in fashion. I wasn’t able to pin down exactly when the quilted top entered the  fashion sphere, but the style has definitely been around since 2010 and has been particularly on trend in the last couple of years, with high street retailers and designer brands alike featuring them in their 2013 collections. From the look of the 2014 collections the quilted trend is still going strong and quilted tops in all shapes and styles are currently available in the marketplace.

…of the name: The term “quilt” comes from the Latin word culcita, meaning a stuffed sack. However, the word came into the English language from the French word cuilte. Quilted tops are made from quilted fabric, hence the name.

For more info on Quilting and Quilted Clothing try Wikipedia, V&AWikipedia again or check out my posts on Quilted Pants and Quilted Jackets

Random Facts

  • Quilted garments were used as suits of armour for the poorer fighters in the Middle Ages who couldn’t afford real armour and were called Jacks – apparently quilted fabric can be quite tough.

21st Century Quilted Tops

Not at all reminiscent of a bed cover, 21st century quilted tops are sleek and stylish, with modern cuts, different types of quilting patterns and embellishments to ensure their position as a fashion garment.

Balmain Dries van Noten

Balmain, Dries van Noten

Opening Ceremony Forever 21

Opening Ceremony, Forever 21


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