Jean Skirt

AKA: denim skirt

How to say it: jeen skurt

Traditional Features: 

Jean Skirt


  • made from denim
  • can come in many, many styles but the classic version has similar styling to jeans, e.g. belt loops, riveted pockets, contrast stitching and a fly front closure.


…of the style: The first jean skirts were literally made out of old jeans. Hippies in the late 1960s/early 70s are accredited with inventing the jean skirt when their desire to recycle old pairs of jeans lead them to unstitch the pant legs and sew a piece of fabric in the spaces between the legs to create a long, denim skirt.

Fashion quickly jumped on the style and commercial jean skirts were soon appearing in mainstream collections. From that moment on, the jean skirt was a popular casual style for women, and while the classic style that mimics many of the features of blue jeans has remained a favourite through the years, jean skirts have been re-incarnated into every style imaginable, decorated, coloured, bleached, frayed and ripped just like jeans themselves.

In the 1980s the ‘Funky Denim Skirt’ was popular and saw short jean skirts embellished to the max; with asymmetrical hems, sparkles, lace, flounces – designs were limited only by the imagination. The jean skirt the had a brief dip in popularity in the late 80s but was back in favour by the late 1990s. Since the 90s the style has maintained a level of constant popularity – it hasn’t been the next ‘must-have’ piece, but it never goes out of style either.

Since the original skirts were refashioned from old jeans, the styles and fabrics used in jean skirts have changed dramatically and in the 21st century the choices available in the marketplace range from a-line styles in a light, chambray like denim, to super short, classic styles in thicker distressed denim. The range is endless and with many designers having off-shoot labels that centre around denim, it looks like the jean skirt will always be in fashion.

…of the name: The original jean skirts were made out of old pairs of jeans, hence the name.

For more info on Jean Skirts try Wikipedia, History of Jeans or check out the Fairchild’s Dictionary of Fashion. For the history of jeans and information about the origin of denim, check out our post on Jeans from February.

Random Facts

21st Century Jean Skirts

The choice of jean skirts available in the 21st Century is almost overwhelming – almost every style of skirt has been interpreted in denim and they are available in various lengths, weights, colours and price points.

H&M Levis

H&M, Levi’s

Miu Miu Rag & Bone

Miu Miu, Rag & Bone

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