Rah-Rah Skirt

AKA: ra-ra skirt

How to say it:  rahrah skurt

Traditional Features: 

Rah Rah Skirt

  • short skirt that finishes well above the knee
  • flouncy, cheerleader style silhouette
  • uses pleats or gathers to create volume


…of the style: The Rah-rah skirt is apparently inspired by the short, flouncy skirts worn by cheerleaders and made its debut in mainstream fashion in the 1980s. The style was thought to be an attempt to revive the 1960s miniskirt look and was particularly popular with teenage girls of the era, although the trend was not restricted to that demographic.

Designer Norma Kamali is often accredited with popularizing the style after she introduced the widely popular sweatshirt rah-rah skirt in her 1982 collection. Influential pop-stars Madonna and Cyndi Lauper also helped to maintain the popularity of the style by wearing rah-rah skirts in their music videos.

The flouncy skirt survived the 80s but was pushed out of favour in the 1990s when the original miniskirt came back into fashion and did not make a comeback until 2008, during the 80’s fashion revival. In 2014 the rah-rah skirt is still available in mainstream fashion, although the style has evolved into a longer, more structured version of the 80s original.

…of the name: ‘Rah-rah’ is apparently an abbreviation of ‘hurrah’ which is a cheer used by the cheerleaders who inspired the skirt style.

For more info on Rah-rah Skirts try Wikipedia or Over Blog

21st Century Rah-Rah Skirts

In the 21st century the Rah-rah skirt has a bit of a make-over and can now be found in more grown-up fabrics and colours, giving the fun, girly style a more sophisticated, modern look for the new millennium.

Alice + Olivia Boy London

Alice + Olivia, BOY LONDON

Elizabeth and James Kate Spade

Elizabeth and James, Kate Spade New York

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