Skater Skirt

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AKA: ice-skating skirt, skating skirt

How to say it:  skey-ter skurt

Traditional Features: 

Skater Skirt


  • above knee-length
  • full, voluminous silhouette


…of the style: The skater skirt’s origins can be traced back to women’s ice-skating in the early 20th century. Prior to the 1920s women skated in outfits that resembled street clothing – long skirts, full length sleeves and petticoats. It was the Norwegian born Olympic figure skater and ‘Queen of Ice’ Sonja Henie who first introduced the idea of skating in a shorter skirt and the idea stuck. Henie’s ice-skating outfits mirrored the flapper look of the 20s with a short skirt, boyish silhouette and cloche hat, and since then ice-skating costumes have more or less mirrored women’s fashion through the decades, making the current trends work with the iconic short, voluminous skirt.

Despite its early adoption in women’s ice-skating, the skater skirt as we know it didn’t make the jump to mainstream fashion until the 1980s, thanks to the dance/exercise-wear trend (although some sources state that it made the jump in the 1950s in the form of the circle skirt).

The style fell out of fashion in the 90s and didn’t reappear with any gusto until the early 21st century. The skater skirt graced fashion runways in 2007 in collections by Missoni and Proenza Schouler but didn’t really qualify as a full-blown trend until 2010, by which time IT-girls and IT-designers alike could not get enough of the short, voluminous style – particularly when it was made from leather, the fabric of the season. The skater skirt has remained popular since then, recently appearing in a slightly longer version in response to the midi-length trends of recent seasons.

…of the name: The style is called the Skater Skirt as it is inspired by the skirts worn by female ice-skaters.

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21st Century Skater Skirts

The Skater Skirt is a flattering, flirty style that looks good on most figures and can make ones legs look like they go on for miles. Whether its short and sweet or longer and ladylike, the classic silhouette works in any fabric and will give a feminine edge to any outfit.

Alexander McQueen Azzedine Alaia

Alexander McQueen, Azzedine Alaia

Mango Oasis

Mango, Oasis

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