Once the dress and shoes are sorted, the next thing a bride normally thinks about is her accessories – particularly those for her hair. Now I’m not talking about veils (they will have their own post later on), I am talking about the other things a girl can put in her hair to complement her bridal attire. A little (or big) something that completes the look. Headwear can go under a veil or be used instead of the traditional coverings and are a great way to add a bit of bling, sparkle or colour to a brides outfit.

As with everything to do with the modern wedding, there are a ton of options for a girl to choose from; here is a list of the most popular headwear options for the 21st century bride…


The beauty of the headband is that it is easy to put on, is usually comfortable to wear (although a bride should definitely take her headband for a trial run before committing to wearing it for a full day at her wedding. The last thing one needs on the most important day of one’s life is a headache-inducing accessory), comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and works with pretty much any hair style. From a slim, subtle row of beads, to a feminine spray of jewels in the shapes of tiny flowers, to an elaborate display of beads, lace and even feathers, a bride can pick and choose how she wants to adorn her hair with this simple option. And if she can’t find the perfect one, the headband is simple and easy to make, with craft stores (both brick and mortar and online) offering plenty of supplies to make the headband a quick and easy DIY project.

BHLDN RTR Bridal Accessories Tasha

BHLDN, RTR Bridal Accessories, Tasha


The hairpin is another hair accessory that ranges from small and subtle to big and beautiful. It is not as versatile as the headband, as it really only works with an up-do as the pin needs something to grip into (some may also work in a partial up-do), and depending on the style and weight of the pin, it may need a lot of support and bobby pins to keep it in place. Having said that, the hairpin allows for a lot of placement options, which the headband does not – front, back, side, high, low; where a bride wears her hairpin is really only limited by the imagination of the hairdresser (and perhaps by the size of the pin itself).

BHLDN Hairpin BHLDN Comb Wedding Belles New York

BHLDN Hairpin, BHLDN Comb, Wedding Belles New York Hairpin


Hair clips and bobby pins are perhaps the smallest of the bridal hair accessories and are perfect for the understated bride. They work well in an up-do or down-do and can be placed pretty much anywhere on the head. The perfect way to add a little sparkle to a gorgeous hair-do (and a fun way to wear your ‘something blue’).

Ben-Amun Downton Abbey Wedding Belles New York

Ben-Amun Bobby pins, Downton Abbey Bobby pins, Wedding Belles New York Hair clip


Flowers have always been a popular choice for brides to adorn their hair with. Whether she chooses fresh or artificial, opts for a few choice blooms or goes for the full floral headband (which is very popular at the moment), flowers add a touch of nature and whimsy to any hairdo – and depending on which flowers she chooses, they can also surround her with the most wonderful smell!

NB: Fresh flowers are beautiful but will wilt. Try and add them to the hair at the very last minute to make sure that they last at least until the photos are done.

BHLDN Few Flowers Floral headband

BHLDN Silk Bloom, Just a few select flowers, A full-blown Flower Crown


Tiaras are the ultimate in bridal headwear. While it is beloved by the 6-year-old princess inside every girl, the tiara is not suited to every bridal event. Although they are beautiful accessories and a wedding is the perfect excuse to wear one, a tiara does make a certain statement so a bride should make sure that this look will work with the overall look and feel of her wedding (probably not the best choice for a barn or casual garden wedding) and most importantly, that it will fit in with her gown.

Ann Taylor Crystal Allure Crystal Allure

Ann Taylor, Crystal Allure, Crystal Allure


Obviously these are not the ONLY options for bridal headwear, just an overview of the most common options at the moment to give all the brides out there some inspiration. The biggest things to remember when choosing hair accessories is 1. does it match the vibe of your gown? and 2. will it work with your veil (if you are wearing one). Other than that, the only restrictions are your imagination and your budget!

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