Dress Lengths

Incase you were wondering what the technical length is of the dress you are wearing…


Dress Lengths



The Micro or Micro-dress has an extremely short skirt that usually measures less than 15 inches (38cm). Can be as short as 8 inches (20cm), which can expose the wearers underwear or buttocks.

Intro: 1960s

Free People
Free People Micro dress

Mini Dress

The mini dress is short dress that typically finishes at mid-thigh (approx. 15 inches).

Intro: 5th century B.C.E.

Popular: 1960s

TOPSHOP minidress


Above-the-knee length dresses finish 1 to 2 inches (2.5-5cm) above the mid-knee.

Popular: 1920s

Halston Heritage
Halston Heritage above-the-knee dress

Knee Length

Knee length dresses finish at the middle of the wearer’s knee cap.

Popular: 1920s, 1950s

Dior knee length dress

Cocktail Length

AKA: Below the Knee Length, Street Length

Cocktail length dresses finish 1 – 3 inches (2.5-7.5cm) below the knee. Often considered a very flattering length as it sits at the slimmest part of the leg.

Popular: mid 1910s

Bec & Bridge
Bec & Bridge Cocktail length dress


AKA: Mid-calf length, ballerina length, intermission length, tea length

The midi dress finishes midway between the knee and the ankle.

Intro: 1920s

Popular: 1920s-1950s, 2011-2014

Kate Moss for Topshop
Kate Moss for TOPSHOP midi dress


AKA: Below Mid-Calf

The long dress sits a couple of inches below the middle of the calf, approximately 10 inches (25cm) from the floor.

Intro: In work garments post WWI. Worn in fashion 1920s onwards

Free People
Free People long dress


AKA: Lower calf length

The maxi dress traditionally finishes approximately 8 inches (20cm) above the floor), but can be long enough to touch the floor.

Intro: at least the 16th century

Popular: 1970s, 2000s

Shiaparelli Maxi dress

Evening Length

AKA: Formal length, Full length

The evening length dress finishes approximately 1 inch (2.5cm) from the floor.

Intro: at least 16th century

Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs evening length dress

Floor Length

The floor length dress touches the floor.

Intro: at least the 16th century

Ann Demeumlemeester
Ann Demeulemeester floor length dress

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