Plunging Neckline Swimsuit

AKA: deep v-neck swimsuit

How to say it:  pluhnj

Traditional Features: 

Plunge Swimsuit

  • has a deeply dipping v-neck that can reach to the navel
  • one-piece suit
  • can have thin straps to hold the edges of the v-neck together

21st Century Plunging Neckline Swimsuits

The plunging neckline swimsuit is sexy and revealing, without being too revealing (usually) and is available in many different versions on the modern swimwear market. Whether it’s the full, free-falling plunge or a deep V with straps keeping it in place, the plunging neckline swimsuit is a chic one-piece that is a great alternative to the bikini.

ASOS Camilla

ASOS, Camilla

Emilio Pucci ERES

Emilio Pucci, ERES


…of the style: Yet another style that is historically chronicled by images rather than the written word, the plunging neckline swimsuit is defined by the deep v-neck that plunges between the bust towards the navel.

The plunging neckline was popular in women’s fashion from the 1960s onwards and I assume it crossed over into swimwear about the same time. I have been able to find images of plunging necklines in swimwear from every decade since the 60s, so this assumption seems to fit. Only really found in one-piece suits (for obvious reasons) the plunging v-neck got progressively deeper as the 60s wore on and rarely stopped above the navel until after the age of Disco.

After that, the depth of the v-neckline varied from decade to decade and from season to season, as the style became firmly established as a swimwear look. The plunging neckline has remained  a staple style option for swimwear designers since the 60s and the look continues to be very well represented in the  21st century marketplace, and was a solid trend for the Spring/Summer 2014 season.

…of the name: The neckline of the swimsuit plunges towards the navel, hence the name.

Once again, there isn’t really any written information about the history of the Plunging Neckline Swimsuit out there, but an online image search for “Vintage plunging neckline swimsuits” will bring up examples from the 60s onwards.

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