Boy Leg Swimsuit

AKA: boy length, boy shorts

How to say it: boi-leg

Traditional Features: 

Boy Leg Swimsuit

  • one or two-piece
  • cut low on the leg to resemble very short shorts – similar to the cut on men’s or boys underwear
  • provides full coverage of the buttocks and upper thighs

21st Century Boy Leg Swimsuits

While boy leg swimsuits are not abundant on the modern swimwear market, they are by no means lacking in choice. There are plenty of options in both one and two-piece styles out there for those who want them, particularly in old school designs that speak to the current Retro Swimwear trend.

Juicy Couture La Blanca

Juicy Couture, La Blanca

Seafolly TYR

Seafolly, TYR


…of the style: Like many of the more modest swimwear styles, the boy leg swimsuit has been around for much of modern swimwear’s history. The lower-cut swimsuits, which bear a shape similar to that of men’s knit boxer shorts, have been a part of women’s swimwear since the late 1920s and remained a fairly common look right through to the 1980s when the über high-cut styles took over.

As the century progressed towards the end of the 90s the cut of swimsuit legs gradually lowered, and while the most common style was the brief cut that is still the popular today, the boy leg cut also experienced a revival.

This revival continued throughout the first decade of the 21st century but as much discussion was had regarding the flattering (or unflattering) effect of the longer cut on the wearer’s thighs, the style gradually fell from favour.

Despite its drop in popularity the boy leg swimsuit did not disappear from the realm of swimwear and with the Retro Swimwear trend that is currently sweeping swimwear in the 21st century, the longer leg cuts are back in the forefront of swimwear fashion.

The boy leg is a definite look and doesn’t suit all body types, so how long the boy leg swimsuit will be back in the spotlight remains to be seen, but regardless of how long the look stays on trend, it is unlikely that the look will ever fully disappear from the swimwear market – the extra coverage and added confidence if affords those who wear the it will always make the boy leg swimsuit desirable to those who are self-conscious of their lower torso.

…of the name: The cut on the leg of boy leg swimsuits is similar to that of men’s underwear, particularly underwear for boys, hence the name.

Random Facts

  • another name for the a bikini with boy leg bottoms is apparently the ‘Granny Bikini’

For more information on Boy Leg Swimsuits try Wikipedia, Vintage Fashion Guild and photos of vintage swimwear.

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