Crochet Bikini

How to say it: kroh-shey  bih-kee-nee

Traditional Features: 

Crochet Bikini

  • a two-piece swimsuit of any style made from crocheted materials

21st Century Crochet Bikinis

In the 21st century the crochet bikini maintains a solid presence on the swimwear market. Offered mainly by brands will a slightly more hippy vibe to their collections, the styling of the suits generally reflects the free-loving designs of the 60s and 70s, even in the modern market.

Forever 21 Free People

Forever 21, Free People

Missoni Wallis

Missoni, Wallis


…of the style: The crocheted bikini came about in the mid 1960s, a time when designers were experimenting with different materials in swimwear. Crochet was a particularly popular textile as it provided both stretch in the fabric and the ability to leave areas open, allowing designers to play with the idea of see-through swimwear whilst keeping within the framework of a standard bikini shape.

The crochet style was usually unlined and the wool yarn did not really hold its shape very well when wet, thus making the crocheted suits more for sunning and being seen, than swimming. Despite this obvious flaw, the crochet bikini remained popular throughout the 70s, but died out with the demise of the Hippy culture by the 1980s.

As Hippy fashions have come back on trend in the decades since, the crocheted bikini has been revived and in the 21st century, the crocheted look seems to have cornered a significant section of the market. Many crocheted bikinis are available from both designer and high-street labels, although the style seems to be limited to brands who have a certain Hippy, free-loving vibe to their collections in general.

Crocheted bikinis in the modern market are almost always lined and are (generally) not produced as a means of creating a see-though swimsuit like they were in the past. Instead, crochet is now used as a means of decoration and adornment, and given that advances in yarns means that the modern versions perform a lot better when wet than their predecessors, crochet bikinis will no doubt be available on the swimwear market in one way or another as long as the demand is there.

…of the name: The bikini is made from crocheted material, hence the name.

Random Facts

  • during the 60s and 70s designers also experimented with velvet, fur and leather in swimwear

For more info on crochet or Crochet Bikinis try Wikipedia, Bikini Science or do an online search for ‘crochet bikini 1960s or 70s’ to see images from the past.

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