Hipster Underpants

AKA: hip-hugger, low-rise, low slung

How to say it: hip-ster

Traditional Features:

  • waistband sits on hips
  • can have a range of leg shapes
  • comes in a variety of fabrics, styles and designs











Origins of the style: Women have been wearing underpants on and off since 4,400 B.C. but the hipster style was not introduced until the mid 1960s. This was around the same time that hip-hugger pants became a popular fashion item and while women were revealing more of their bodies through fashion, they were not yet ready to reveal their undies, thus a hip-hugging underpant was required. The Hipster Bikini bottom also became popular in the mid-60s.

These low slung underpants remained popular throughout the 1970s (while the hip-hugging pants were in fashion) but as fashions changed in the 80s, a higher-rise underpant took over.

The hipster had a resurgence of popularity in the 1990s when underwear seriously reduced in size – women were worried about visible pantie lines (VPL)s and the hipster g-string/thong was particularly popular. After this brief revival it became fashionable to ‘show off’ your underwear with thick, higher rise, designer underwear that stuck out of the top of pants and skirts taking the place of the nearly invisible hipster styles.

However despite the changing fashion trends of womens fashion, hipster underpants in various styles have been a constant presence on the underwear marketplace since the 1990s. From boy-leg to brazillian, hip-hugging underpants continue to be an extremely popular style in the 21st century and while they are not the only option out there, the range and variety of hipster undies available proves that the modern woman does like a low-slung underpant.

Origins of the name: The waistband of hipster underpants sits on the hip bones, hence the name.

Hipster Underpants in the modern marketplace

Hipster underwear is very popular in the 21st century and this is reflected in the marketplace with hip-hugging styles available in a variety of shapes, colours, fabrics and price points.


I got my information from:  wiseGeek, FashionEra, Panties101, Wikipedia and the  Fairchild’s Dictionary of Fashion


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