AKA: stays, pair of bodies, payre of bodies How to say it: kawr-sit Traditional Features: thin straps or strapless tight fitting to shape the bust and waist traditionally uses spring steel ‘bon... Read More

Cocktail Dress

Also no dresses starting with ‘Z’ so another classic dress style for y’all… AKA:  How to say it: kok-teyl  dres Traditional Features:  usually knee-length, but can be a bit... Read More


AKA: kaftan How to say it:  kaf-tan or kaf-tan Traditional Features:  loose and voluminous through the body kimono sleeves v-neck printed and/or beaded traditionally long, but can also be short in... Read More


Having ‘wedding colours’ is a fairly recent invention of the wedding machine, but nonetheless have become a very important decision for the bride and groom to make. The Colour palette of t... Read More

Circle Skirt

AKA: poodle skirt, circular skirt How to say it:  sur-kyuh-ler skurt Traditional Features:  constructed from a full circle of fabric with a hole cut out in the middle for the body falls in folds a... Read More