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AKA: it is sometimes called an overcoat How to say it: as it looks Traditional Features:  longer style jacket – usually to the knees traditionally had convertible collars and cuffs for extra w... Read More

Fur Coat

AKA: mink, ermine, fox etc How to say it: As it looks Traditional Features:  There aren’t really any ‘traditional’ features of a fur coat – they tend to take the style of wha... Read More

Duffle Coat

AKA: The ‘Monty’, Toggle Coat How to say it: as it looks Traditional Features:  3 or 4 toggles – traditionally wooden or horn 2 large patch pockets on front hood buttonable neck st... Read More

Bomber Jacket

AKA: Flight jacket, Bombardier jacket How to say it: say it as it looks Traditional Features:  waist length jacket fitted at cuffs, waist and collar, usually with elasticated or ribbed fabric fasten... Read More

A-Line Coat

Now to start the alphabet properly. Each month I will concentrate on a particular area of fashion, with a new term everyday working my way from A – Z. I will try to keep the terms relevant to to... Read More

Pea Coat

In honour of the lightbulb moment this coat inspired, this first post belongs to the Pea Coat. It is slightly out of order for the blog, but here it is anyway… PEA COAT AKA: Pea Jacket, Pilot ... Read More